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Our Governance

Good governance is the foundation of a company's sustainable growth and a steward for achieving its social goals.

Anita Leung, Kids4Kids Board Director


Role of Kids4Kids Board

The Board has collective legal responsibility for the governance of the organisation and is responsible for its oversight. A well governed Board shares the leadership and direction of the organisation by ensuring that all stakeholders understand the purpose of the organisation, why it exists and how it will bring about its goals. To achieve this, it is the role of the Board to establish policies on risk management, financial controls, internal controls and compliance. An effective Board requires the delegation of responsibilities to special committees which provide relevant directions and guidance to the management, including the Executive Director, to support it in making progress towards its goals and to make decisions on behalf of the Board. The Board is committed to work closely with all stakeholders in communicating internally and externally our strategy in order to bring an impact to our beneficiaries and the society at large.

1. Finance and Administration Committee

The Committee is responsible for financial planning, control and reporting. It monitors the organisation's actual performance against its budget on a regular basis, cashflow and put in place proper controls to ensure that money can be accounted for and not misused. It reviews internal financial reports of the organisation and supervise annual external audits.

2. Funding and Communications Committee

The Committee is responsible for strategic planning on funding and communications, creating a diverse funding base for the organisation and developing an engaging communication and relationship with stakeholders to grow donor value . It assesses on a regular basis the efficiency and effectiveness in the organisation's funding and communications with external stakeholder activities, communications strategy and planning, fund-raising techniques and alerts the Board on any funding that is due to expire.

3. Programs Committee

The Literacy Development Sub-Committee determines the strategy and directions of the Buddy Reading, My Story Creation and Code + Create Program. The Youth Development Sub-Committee promotes and supervises the Powered by Service, Powered by Youth and Action for a Cause programs.

4. Staff Engagement Committee

While the day-to-day management and operations of the organisation are delegated to the management, staff and volunteers, the Board remains responsible for ensuring that the organisation is well-managed and operating within agreed codes of conduct, policies and the law. The Committee therefore establishes codes of conduct, policies and practices for the recruitment and treatment of staff at all stages of engagement. It is also important for staff to have direct access to the Board on a confidential basis in relation to his/her well-being within the organisation or any concerns or issues that the staff may have in relation to the organisation itself. The Committee also serves as a confidential channel for staff to reach out to the Board for such purposes.