Never too young to change the world

Webinar Series: Developing Cultural Intelligence and Empathy




Speakers: Devi Novianti and Alpha Ngai​

Date: Thursday, 26 November 2020 at 5-6pm


Join our speakers and explore together how to develop cultural intelligence and empathy.

Devi Novianti, Equal Opportunities Officer

Devi is an Equal Opportunities Officer of the EOC.  She is passionate about promoting equality, children rights and social justice.  In 2006, Devi received commendation from the Chief Executive of HKSAR for her community work.  Devi was also a part of Hong Kong lobby team to UNCERD in 2008. Her contributions have also been recognised by The List Magazine, "Women of Hope" in 2014.  Devi is a storyteller, who strongly believes that every human has potential.


Alpha Ngai, Kids4Kids Advocates Leadership Team member

Alpha is a 15-year-old secondary student studying in Hong Kong.  He holds a strong passion for creating positive change in our society to benefit the lives of those who are marginalised, specifically the deaf community.  Two years ago, he founded the proct "Sing With Your Hearts" and held an event in The Forest, Mong Kok to build a cohesive community for the deaf and promote the importance of sign language.  The event was a collaboration with the deaf community through different performances, and garnered the attention of several hundred people.