Never too young to change the world

Webinar Series: Never Too Young to Change the World



TOPIC: Never Too Young to Change the World

Speakers: Mark Cheng and Michele Lai

Date: Wednesday, 24 February 2021 at 6-7pm


Join our speakers and learn how we can make a difference and bring positive impact to the world.

Mark Cheng

Director at Ashoka East Asia

Based in Hong Kong, Mark is a Director at Ashoka, the global network of the world's leading social innovators. Ashoka recognizes and supports more than 3,700 leading innovators around the world. Mark is a finance expert who helps teams to develop their business plans and raise funds for their projects. Since 2007, Mark has invested in and helped more than 80 leading social enterprises raise investment in areas such as environment, education and health. He has written about this work in his book the Social Investment Toolkit. Mark is passionate about helping young people succeed, and is a volunteer and supporter for several youth-serving organisations.

Michele Lai

Founder of Kids4Kids and Ashoka Fellow

Michele Lai is the Founder of Kids4Kids, a local charity believing in the power of children and youth and supporting them to create positive change in the community. She has been awarded as an Ashoka Fellow since 2019, and the first female and first fellow in education based in Hong Kong. Michele has over 10 years of experience in strategic marketing and planning across Hong Kong and Australia with multinationals including Toyota, Inchcape and Cable & Wireless HKT. She firmly believes that children are our future who can make a difference. She feels very fortunate to be able to give back to the community through her work with Kids4Kids.