Never too young to change the world

Webinar Series: What Should I Do With My Life?



Speakers: Vivek Mahbubani and Grace Cheng​

Date: Wednesday, 23 September 2020 at 5-6pm


Join our speakers and explore together the big question: What Should I Do with My Life?

Vivek Mahbubani, Stand-Up Comedian & the Funniest Person in Hong Kong

Vivek is a Hong Kong-bred bilingual stand-up comedian performing in both Cantonese and English.  Having been crowned the Funniest Person in Chinese in Hong Kong in 2007 followed by his victory in the English category in 2008, Vivek now takes his sense of humor all over Asia.  One of Vivek’s passions is read and his favorite book is Sun Tzu’s Art of War.  Read more on his website.


Grace Zheng, Vice President of Kids4Kids Advocates Leadership Team

Grace is a 16 year-old student in Hong Kong.  She is a firm believer in youth empowerment and particularly, the impact of young change makers in bringing about positive change to issues of both local and global scales.  She created the Kids4Kids Youth Website that promotes opportunities for student engagement.  She is secretly very scared of growing up and has a serious sweet tooth.