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AFAC 2018-19 Winners Announcement


After a careful selection, the Kids4Kids team has chosen 31 winning projects to fund and mentor under Act!on for a Cause 2018-19. Scroll down to see the full descriptions. These projects are truly diverse in their aims, target beneficiary groups, and the students leading them. Thank you to everyone who submitted a project idea with us - your courage inspires us. To learn more about our judging criteria, click here:

經過一輪挑選後,童協基金會選出「為善行動」2018-19 的三十一支獲勝隊伍,他們將獲得種子基金及專業導師的支援下實踐社區行動計劃。以下是他們的計劃詳情。這三十一個多元的行動計劃由來自不同領域的學生帶領,並有不同的目標和受益人。感謝所有曾繳交計劃書的同學,你們的積極鼓舞了我們。欲知更多評審準則的詳情,請到