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AFAC 2018 Winners Announcement


After a careful selection, the Kids4Kids team has chosen 20 winning projects to fund and mentor under Act!on for a Cause 2018. Scroll down to see the full descriptions. These projects are truly diverse in their aims, target beneficiary groups, and the students leading them. Thank you to everyone who submitted a project idea with us - your courage inspires us. To learn more about our judging criteria, click here:

經過一輪挑選後,童協基金會選出「為善行動」2018 的二十支獲勝隊伍,他們將獲得種子基金及專業導師的支援下實踐社區行動計劃。以下是他們的計劃詳情。這二十個多元的行動計劃由來自不同領域的學生帶領,並有不同的目標和受益人。感謝所有曾繳交計劃書的同學,你們的積極鼓舞了我們。欲知更多評審準則的詳情,請到

  Student Details Project Details
  Students School Theme Name
1 Mehreen Pari Caritas Wu Cheng-chung Secondary School Education MOVEMENT!
2 Shanaya Kumar Discovery College Education Bridging the Hong Kong Dream
3 Arista Lai, Edith Chow, Elliot Jinoo Hong German Swiss International School Education Project: Your Voice
4 Isaac Ng, Jason Yiu West Island School Education Say NO! to Digital Divide
5 Erica Hong Yiu Lee, Judy Wong Chan Shu Kui Memorial School Education ERIDANUS
6 Mana Mehta Canadian International School of Hong Kong Education Get Witty - Student Book Club
7 Cameron Su Hong Kong International School Education Memories Cached
8 Kristy Chan, Dylan Robinson, Winston Luk, Ian Wong German Swiss International School Environment Treem
9 Eugenia Chow, Shania Dayaram & Kids4Kids Advocates Leadership Team Chinese International School Environment Sharing for a Cause 2018
10 Xavier Carey, Adi White, James Collins Discovery College Environment That Group With A Solar Panel
11 Jessica Chen, Minji Kwon,, Barney Wong, Tyrus Yeo Li Po Chun United World College Hong Kong, South Island School, Singapore International School Poverty & Health Growing for a Cause
12 Laila Albuquerque Hong Kong University Graduates Association College Poverty & Health The Art of Kindness
13 Josephine Ma, Tobias Ng, Julie Leung, Jane Wu Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School Poverty & Health The Sound of My Heart
14 Jason Fong, Oscar Mahasriariyawong, Adam Lam King George V School Poverty & Health Ave Maria Garden
15 Tivona Yeung, Cindy Yeung, Madeline Leung St. Paul's Convent School Poverty & Health ASAPHEALTH
16 Audrey Lau, Megan Chan Renaissance College Hong Kong Poverty & Health The Unbreakable Promise Committee
17 Chelsea Soemitro, Anju Chenaux-Repond, Rulan Zhang, Ysobel Hughes German Swiss International School Poverty & Health Sock To Go
18 Elvis Chan, Avantika Sengupta German Swiss International School Human Rights Refugee Reach
19 Verena Yiu, Tiffany Mak St. Paul's Convent School Human Rights Hues of Harmony
20 Sanvritti Singh, Jody Cheng, Ashley Chan German Swiss International School Human Rights Girls to Women