Never too young to change the world

Summer Intern’s reflection


Erica Lee, Kids4Kids 2020 Summer Intern


What were your biggest takeaways from your internship with Kids4Kids?

I applied to be a summer intern at Kids4Kids solely because I wanted to give back to the community which inspired me to take action. Powered by Youth Forum in 2017 was the first activity that I involved with Kids4Kids. The 2 days forum provided me opportunities to meet other passionate peers from distinct schools to bring positive impacts locally. It has encouraged me to take a further step to interconnect with the community through actions. Having a look back to the few weeks internships at Kids4Kids, I enjoyed all the dynamic discussions with other interns and staff at Kids4Kids. Being initiative and curious about my surroundings were the biggest takeaways from my internship. I become more confident to share my opinions and actively seeking innovative ways and opportunities to engage with the community and be the change that I want to see.


Which project did you enjoy being a part of most, and why? 

Interviewing with each AFAC team to understand their AFAC journey was the highlight of my internship. I enjoyed the process of coming up with the interviewing questions and scheduling the calls with AFAC teams. The interview has motivated me to dig deeper by asking questions so that I can understand in more holistic views. It has reignited my passion for taking actions to bring positivity to the community. Every AFAC team’s unique story and approach to making their impacts has provoked me to think about different perspectives on the true meaning of being a change agent. Soon, I recognized that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something to change the world.


How did your internship help you understand more about the work of Kids4Kids?

I have gained lots of new insights into the structure and working atmosphere of a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong. Kids4Kids’s values and program remind me of the meaning of engagement and helping others through empowering youth to discover their inner power and strength to create a ripple effect in the community.


Has this internship experience impacted you as a person and on your future career plan and how?

It has reminded me of what it means to make an impact in the community . I always know that I want to work on the non-profit industry to engage, connect and transform different parties in the community. This internship provided me a hands-on experience to have a taste of working in Hong Kong and learning by action. I discovered my inner voices and strength through having the interview with AFAC teams which created my sense of community. I become more confident to share my thoughts and ask for feedback to grow mentally and physically.