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My Story Creation

My Story Creation

My Story Creation is a program in which kids are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to create and publish their own stories with Kids4Kids' support.

Through working with our qualified facilitators and our innovative program and process. Kids develop and nurture their interest and ability in creative writing, story telling, and illustration of a story. 

This program has been selected as a Sponsorship Project 2022-23 by the HKSAR Education Bureau.

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My Story Creation helps your students:

  • Nurture interest and ability in creative writing and illustration.
  • Demonstrate and share their works and encourage more children to appreciate and participate in creative writing and illustration.
  • Develop creativity through story creation.



My Story Creation Workshops

Kids4Kids provides workshops to primary schools in Hong Kong. During the workshop, our facilitators will guide students to write and illustrate their story by using Kids4Kids My Story Kit, which will help give inspiration to the students to develop their story idea in words and pictures.

Number of kids per session: 25-35

Language medium: Cantonese / English / Bilingual

Duration: 4 x 1 hour sessions (Online) / 4 x 1.5 hours sessions (In-person)

Teaching materials: My Story Kit, My Story Sketchbook

My Story Creation Competition

A creative writing and illustration competition open to all primary school students in Hong Kong. It encourages children to express their imagination and present their original ideas to the world and be a Storyteller.

Budding authors can submit their stories written in either English or Chinese, or both, and illustrated as a colourful picture book. Our judging panel will select ten stories to be printed in the annual Kids4Kids Treasury publication. Purchase Treasury at Pollux Books by clicking here.

All past submitted stories may be viewed online by clicking here.


My Story Creation Competition

"My Story Creation provides students a chance to be writers and to explore the world of writing."

Miss Yeung, Teacher at C.C.C. Kei Faat Primary School (Yau Tong)

"From the workshop, I learnt that we use our creativity every day. It’s part of our nature and if we don’t use it often, it might vanish within such a short period of time."

Gaylie Ho, Participant

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

My Story Creation works towards the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: