Never too young to change the world

Powered to Transform

Powered to Transform

Powered To Transform is a program designed to empower school teachers and students with the mindset, life skills to develop their social responsibility, and the confidence to be active participants in the community.

Through participating in the Powered to Transform, teachers will:

  • Offer support and advice for the students when needed as a trained a coach facilitator
  • Teach and communicate with a facilitation mindset in daily life and classrooms
  • Help students discover their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Integrate the concept of community contribution into students’ learning and education
  • Strengthen students’ resilience by developing their problem-solving skills in real-life situations
  • Equip students with life skills such as confidence, self-awareness, and accountability
  • Empower students to become Impact Entrepreneurs by creating their own positive impact projects for their own school

And students will:

  • Develop self-awareness about their strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the concept of emotional literacy, the role of the inner coach, and non-verbal communication
  • Strengthen students’ resilience when facing difficult situations and compassion for others
  • Enhance their core values in caring for others and taking on responsibilities
  • Establish a problem-solving and project-based mindset for students to prepare their career planning
  • Strive for continuous improvement in teaching pedagogy with extra-curricular resources outside school
  • Nurture students’ giving spirit and encourage their contributions to the community
  • Establish a culture of volunteering, respect and care for others
  • Meet and learn from their peers, build an inter-school peer support network
  • Be inspired by experts from different industries
  • Explore and discuss local and international social issues
  • Enter the competition to implement their action projects with seed funds and mentor support from Kids4Kids for 6 months

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Power to Transform towards the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: