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Volunteer Code of Conduct


Please read the following codes of conduct thoroughly:


  • Volunteers must not be alone with children in private without supervision by parent/legal guardian and/or school/centre staff members.
  • Volunteers must be mindful of the kind of games and/or activities they play with children. Physical contact must be avoided, e.g. tickling.
  • Volunteers must be mindful of their language and behaviour in front of children. Volunteers must never argue, use inappropriate language or behaviour, or do anything that is abusive whether verbal, physical, or otherwise. If such behaviour is witnessed, volunteers must report this to a staff member and Kids4Kids immediately.
  • Volunteers must not ask about the background, family situation or any personal matters of children.
  • Volunteers must not promise that they will see the children again.
  • Volunteers must not ask for or exchange any contact details with children.
  • Volunteers must not give children any personal items, candy or money.
  • Volunteers must not use personal electronic devices, e.g. mobile phones, during sessions.
  • Volunteers must not take photos of children, and must not publish any material/stories about children without permission from their legal guardian and Kids4Kids.
  • Volunteers must never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs nor smoke around children.
  • Volunteers must respect the diversity of the communities being served, whether ethnic, cultural, religious, or otherwise.
  • Volunteers must be aware that some children may use a relationship to obtain “special attention.” Volunteers are always responsible for maintaining appropriate boundaries.
  • Remedial action will be taken for any inappropriate behaviour, including failure to follow this Volunteer Code of Conduct. This will include dismissal from programmes as well as potential legal repercussions.
  • Volunteers must be punctual for all scheduled sessions. If volunteers do not arrive by the scheduled starting time, it will be considered a late arrival.
  • If volunteers are absent without prior notification, it will be considered a no show. Upon three (3) no shows, the volunteer’s Kids4Kids account will be deactivated and no certificate of participation will be issued.
  • Volunteers must not at any time use the name, property, logos or marks of Kids4Kids without prior consent from Kids4Kids, and must not at any time represent Kids4Kids without prior approval from Kids4Kids.


Kids4Kids reserves the right to change the content of this Volunteer Code of Conduct from time to time. The updated Volunteer Code of Conduct will be posted on our website at